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Pulp Removal

Pulp Removal's Details


Four methods of depulping are practiced.

  1. hot water treatment (HWT)- Heat the water in a vat until 60°-70°C. Put off the fire. Place fruits in the vat and stir constantly to keep its temperature uniform. Leave fruits for about 15-30 minutes to soften the pulp. Drain water. Cool fruits and peel manually.
  2. Pounding using a wooden mallet- The fruit is pounded until the pulp is separated from the shell. This is the simplest and most economical since the depulped nuts are no longer washed and are directly dried under the sun.
  3. Retting method- This is used in a commercial scale, where the fruits are soaked in tap water from 1-2 days until the pulp softens.
  4. Fermentation method- Fruits are kept is sacks or polyethylene bag and left from 1-2 days under shade to soften pulp. The pulp softens because of its moisture and higher temperature inside the sack.