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Pili, Bicol's Pride in a Nutshell

26 January, 2021

As the main pili producing region in the country, the Bicol Region accounts for 82% of the total volume of production (2005). It also boasts of an existing area of 7,746 hectares with 221,250 fruit bearing trees. It is also the crop’s center of genetic diversity.

The pili is a plant with various uses. It makes an excellent street and border tree and a verdant shade tree for lawns. The young shoot is edible and can be used in cooking and in making green salads. The resin-rich wood makes excellent firewood, frames for houses, boxes, crates, and even musical instruments. The resin or elemi can be used as in ingredient in plasters and ointments.

The pili fruit with its many uses is the main source for commerce. Its pulp is a component of animal feed and fertilizer. The shell can be fashioned into accessories as well as a medium for orchid growing. The kernel itself is made into a variety of food items. More recently, scientists have reported that the kernel contains anti-cancer proteins

i tree is indeed relevant. An organically grown tree, it requires no application of chemicals, pesticides, and fungicides for the duration of its growth, fruit production and harvest. It is one of the typhoon-resistant species and can grow and last for a century

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